Federation Services are the minimum technical requirements and services necessary for the operation of the federated GAIA-X ecosystem. During the development of these services, it is ensured, that the highest security and privacy protection requirements are met. eco, the association of the internet industry will specify the GAIA-X Federation Services together with partners. The project is closely integrated into the processes of the GAIA-X AISBL and the results will be fully incorporated into GAIA-X. The BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.) is funding the project with around 13.5 million Euros until autumn 2022.

The aim of GAIA-X is to design a federated data infrastructure with a focus on data sovereignty and data availability. This infrastructure is based on European standards and values, with the aim of promoting innovation in Europe. To this end, eco has established a Project Management Office (PMO) and defined five work packages.

The project launch in November 2020 laid the foundation for delivering on GAIA-X's value proposition. The GAIA-X Federation Services will be developed as open source within the GAIA-X ecosystem. On this basis, user groups can organise themselves independently as federations as part of GAIA-X, provided they conform with the appropriate rules. The GAIA-X ruleset is intended to link data ecosystems and infrastructure ecosystems. The result is an innovative, federated, and interoperable overall ecosystem for data and services.

Uniform data and service space based on jointly agreed rules

The five GAIA-X core services ‘Identity & Trust’, ‘Federated Catalogue’, ‘Sovereign Data Exchange’, ‘Compliance and Federation Services Integration & Portal’ are at the centre of the first round of specifications until spring 2021. The five work packages are primarily focused on supporting the further development and ensuring the interoperability of all components.

The project will start with a requirements specification phase with the aim of launching the tender for the individual parts in the second quarter of 2021.

Innovative ecosystem for data and services

The current Covid-19 situation once again clearly shows that stable and resilient digital infrastructures and services are of great importance. For providers in the infrastructure ecosystem, standardised networking offers new opportunities to bring innovative and customised offerings to the market. For example, they can link their services with each other, develop, expand, and scale them together.

Author: Andreas Weiss, Head of Business Unit Digital Business Models at eco

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