Dr. Sabine Wilfling, Head of Strategy & Transformation at Scheer GmbH

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We Europeans share an economic area - and a community of values. As global digitisation developments continue, it is becoming increasingly important to not only keep up with the technology, but also to incorporate our convictions. This is where GAIA-X plays its part: The digital infrastructure should enable sovereignty in the storage and exchange of data. Since the beginning, technical development has been guided by the paradigms of transparency, security and openness. The result is a digital infrastructure whose DNA is clearly European.

The development of this digital infrastructure is in full swing. The basic technical architecture is in place and use cases from various industries form the basis for implementation. Now we are developing the technical details of the federated services, so to speak as the foundation and heart of GAIA-X.

What will the world look like when GAIA-X is available?

New business models and advanced smart services will emerge in an innovative - and above all secure - framework. Smart Services are data-based, individually configurable offers from digital services. These already exist. But Advanced Smart Services means that we are going one step further. GAIA-X opens up the possibility of exchanging data and cooperating across economic sectors. Companies do not lose control over their data at any point. In addition, data held by different cloud providers can be shared and evaluated.

Why it is worthwhile to participate

As a digital infrastructure, GAIA-X enables and accelerates transformation processes. After all, a digital infrastructure with which everyone feels safe and, on a par, creates new spaces for experimentation and cooperation. One’s own sovereignty over data and thus digital sovereignty can change business processes and generate innovations and new services.

In order for GAIA-X to make this vision possible, it takes more than the technical structure. We need the commitment of numerous actors to contribute to the development and creation of GAIA-X. The full potential can only be realised through broad mobilisation of the user and provider perspective. I am sure it is worth the trip.

Author: Dr. Sabine Wilfling (Scheer GmbH)
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